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PRO-570 ProLink Seven User Package


ProLink Seven User Package includes two BP-500M, five BP-500R, choice of seven headsets, two GC-500, and a sturdy cardboard carrying case

H-2000 Intercom Headset – Dual Muff

Intercom headset - dual muff

H-2000S Intercom Headset – Single Muff

Intercom headset - single muff
SKU: PRO-570 Categories: , ,
SKU: PRO-570 Categories: , ,

    ProLink 500 is a digital wireless intercom system that is easy to configure and easy to operate. The system allows duplex communication by four users with a master belt pack and three remote belt packs. It has a 500 ft. line of sight range! And built-in Bluetooth capability. The transmitter and receiver operate utilizing in the FCC license free 902-928 MHz range for the U.S. without the need for a base station. The ergonomically designed belt packs have a sturdy XLR headset jack, two heavy duty antennas, headset volume control, microphone gain control, A/B channel selection and PTT or Always On mode. The out of Range LED indicator tells each user when to move closer to the master belt pack. A gang charger is available to charge up to four belt packs on one device. Anchor has simplified the purchasing process by creating a four-person package at competitive pricing. Use ProLink back stage at a school play, in a news studio, on the football field, and more!

    PRO-570 Package
    • Seven headsets – Choice of H-2000 dual or H-2000S single ear muff
    • Two master belt packs (BP-500M)
    • Five remote belt packs (BP-500R)
    • Two gang chargers (GC-500)
    • Sturdy cardboard carrying case