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MEGA-BP2 MegaVox Basic Package 2


MegaVox Basic Package 2 includes MEGA2-U2, SS-550, and choice of two wireless handheld mics and/or headband and lapel mics with belt packs

WH-LINK Wireless handheld mic (1.9 GHz)

SKU: WH-Link

Headband and lapel mic with belt pack

SKU: MEGA-BP2 Categories: , ,
SKU: MEGA-BP2 Categories: , ,

    Firemen, policemen, coaches, FBI agents, Marine drill sergeants, and auctioneers all choose the MegaVox Pro. This PA system delivers 126 dB SPL of clear speech projection from a 22W amplifier. True AC/DC functionality with a 110/220 power supply make the MegaVox Pro truly universal – take it anywhere! Weighing in at only 15 pounds, the MegaVox Pro has optional single or dual UHF receiver.

    Product Features
    • Built-in Bluetooth
    • Two built-in wireless receiver
    • Receiver has 16 User-Selectable Channels
    • Choice of 2 wireless microphone transmitters
    • SS-550 Speaker Stand
    • 22 watts / 126 dB @ 1 meter
    • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
    • True AC/DC, 110/220 Power Supply
    • Signal Alert Button
    • 1/4″ Line Input
    • Auxiliary Input
    • Line Level Output
    • External Speaker Output

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