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LITE-DP MiniVox Lite Deluxe Package


MiniVox Lite Deluxe Package includes AN-MINIU2, SOFT-MINI, MIC-50, RC-30, and choice of one wireless handheld mic or headband and lapel mic with belt pack

WH-LINK Wireless handheld mic (1.9 GHz)

SKU: WH-Link

Headband and lapel mic with belt pack

SKU: LITE-DP Categories: , ,
SKU: LITE-DP Categories: , ,

      Anchor Audio’s MiniVox Lite public address system is a lightweight, compact, conveniently battery operated unit widely praised by users across all industries. The MiniVox is great for fire fighters, law enforcement, search and rescue squads, tour guides or any person needing voice amplification. Available options are a UHF wireless receiver and a wireless microphone transmitter.

      Product Features
      • Choice of 1 wireless microphone transmitter
      • Wired microphone included
      • One built-in wireless receiver with 16 Channels
      • Battery Recharge Kit
      • Soft Carrying case with shoulder strap available in Black, Red, and Blue
      • Reach Crowds of 100+
      • Delivers up to 109 dB of clear sound
      • Lightweight – Only 3 lbs.
      • AC/DC Powered
      • Operates on Batteries for up to 12 hrs.
      • Line Input allows you to plug-in an iPod, MP3 and CD Player
      • 4.5″ Neodymium Woofer and 30W Amplifier

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