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LIB2 Liberty with Built-in Bluetooth


Liberty with built-in Bluetooth

SKU: LIB2 Categories: ,
SKU: LIB2 Categories: ,

    The Liberty Platinum sound system is perfect for sound projection in indoor or outdoor settings and playing music during school activities. The unit delivers 110dB of intelligible speech from one sound system designed for users with no technical knowledge. The Liberty is truly versatile with true AC/DC operation and a 110/220 power supply. Options include built-in MP3 player and up to two UHF wireless receivers. The system is ideal for schools, hotels and places of worship.

    Product Features
    • Built-in Bluetooth
    • Reach Crowds of 2,000+
    • AC Mode = 125W / DC Mode = 100W
    • Ceramic Compression Driver
    • 10″ Neodymium Woofer
    • True AC/DC – 110/220V Power Supply
    • Two Universal Mic Input Jacks
    • Recessed Back Panel Protects Knobs and Ports
    • Proprietary Class D Amplifier
    • User Replaceable Batteries
    • Charging LED Bar Indicator
    • Operates 6-8 hrs on a Single Charge
    • Speaker Out to Power optional LIB-7501 Companion Speaker (not included)