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GG-BP2 Go Getter Package


Go Getter Basic Package 2 includes GG2-U2, SS-550, and choice of two wireless handheld mics and/or headband and lapel mics with belt packs

WH-LINK Wireless handheld mic (1.9 GHz)

SKU: WH-Link

Headband and lapel mic with belt pack

SKU: GG-BP2 Categories: , ,
SKU: GG-BP2 Categories: , ,

    Go Getter is a complete sound system that incorporates all the great features found in Anchor Audio products. It borrows functional design qualities found in our flagship speaker, the Liberty Platinum. Extremely tough ABS plastic protects the internals and provides a rugged enclosure for our Go Getter’s newly designed circuitry, which reduces distortion and increases clarity. As with all Anchor Audio products, Go Getter is simple and reliable to use. It is ideal for schools, corporate training, and places of worship. “The Liberty’s little brother is a real Go Getter!”

    GBP/DUAL Package Contains
    • Go Getter with built-in MP3/CD player combo and one wireless receiver (GG-CU1)
    • Heavy duty speaker stand (SS-550)
    • Choice of (2) wireless microphones
    • Includes mini cable to plug in iPod or external audio source


    Product Features
    • Built-in Bluetooth
    • True AC/DC, 100-240V power supply
    • 75W AC mode / 50W DC mode (peak wattage 100W AC mode / 75W DC mode)
    • 109 dB of clear sound
    • Reaches crowds of 500+
    • Up to two built-in 16 channel UHF wireless receivers
    • Optional MP3/CD player combo
    • 6.5″ woven fiber woofer and high-output horn tweeter
    • Two universal microphone jack inputs
    • Recessed back panel protects knobs and ports
    • UV treated / fade resistant case
    • External speaker output powers optional companion speaker
    • Charging LED bar indicator
    • Includes mini cable to plug in iPod or external audio source