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COM-60FC/C PortaCom Wired Intercom Package


PortaCom Six User Package (With Cables) includes six BP-2000, choice of six headsets, PC-2000, B3-2000, and sturdy cardboard carrying case, and seven EX-50M

H-2000 Intercom Headset – Dual Muff

Intercom headset - dual muff

H-2000S Intercom Headset – Single Muff

Intercom headset - single muff
SKU: COM-60FC/C Categories: , ,
SKU: COM-60FC/C Categories: , ,

    PortaCom is a flexible, high-performance wired intercom system. Built smart and simple, PortaCom gives you two channels without sacrificing power or quality. It is expandable, portable or rack mountable. It even has an optional battery supply module for remote locations. Best of all PortaCom is reasonably priced making it the perfect choice for junior high school theater, the local cable studio or the high school football coach.

    Product Features
    • Choice of 6 Single or Dual Noise Cancelling Headsets
    • 6 BP-200 Belt Packs
    • 7 EX-50M – 50 ft Microphone Cables included
    • CC-PC Cable Bag
    • PC-100 Power Console
    • B3-100 Branch Box
    • 2 Channel, Wired Full Duplex Systems
    • High Performance – Low Cost
    • AC/DC Operable
    • Portable or Rack mountable (1 U Rack Space)
    • Durable Lightweight Metal Packs
    • Up to 20 Headset Capacity
    • Easy to Setup and Operate
    • Shock Mounted Mic Input

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    Additional information

    Weight 21 lbs
    Dimensions 8 x 28 x 19.5 in