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AN-130BP+ Basic Package


AN-130+ Basic Package includes AN-130U2+ and choice of one wireless handheld mic or headband and lapel mic with belt pack

WH-LINK Wireless handheld mic (1.9 GHz)

SKU: WH-Link

Headband and lapel mic with belt pack

SKU: AN-130BP+ Categories: , ,
SKU: AN-130BP+ Categories: , ,
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The AN-130+ is the perfect choice for classrooms, small conference rooms and corporate road warriors who rely on their sound systems to command the audience. Plus, it’s the perfect companion for a video projector, VCR, DVD or laptop computer. Weighing in at just 8.5 pounds this powerful sound system is designed for audiences up to 100 people.

Product Features
  • Reach Crowds of 100+
  • 101 DB of Clear Sound
  • 16 Channel UHF Diversity Wireless by Anchor Audio (microphone sold separately)
  • Choice of 1 wireless microphone transmitter
  • 30 Watt Amplifier Equals Lots of Sound
  • RCA Line-In, 1/4″ Line-In & 1/4″ Min-In
  • 1/4″ Line-Out Jack – Daisy Chain Multiple Systems or Record Output
  • Magnetically Shielded Speaker for AV Use
  • Optional Remote Control for Volume & Mute
  • Bass & Treble Controls

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