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AN-1000XU2+ Speaker Monitor with One Wireless Receiver


AN-1000X+ with built-in dual wireless mic receiver

SKU: AN-1000XU2+ Categories: ,
SKU: AN-1000XU2+ Categories: ,
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The black AN-1000XF1+ Speaker Monitor with Dual Wireless Receiver is an extremely versatile powered speaker. This system is easy to use, lightweight, and provides a powerful 107 dB of sound to fill the room with your voice. It comes with one built-in wireless receiver for wireless mic options. It is designed to project clear, intelligible speech, and is also great for music. It is not battery powered, and runs off of AC power only, when connected to a power source. The AN-1000XF1+ can be mounted on a stand, to the wall/ceiling, or placed on a shelf. Just switch it on, adjust your volume, treble and base, and you are ready to go. It’s ideal for presentations and can be added to an A/V rack setup and used with a video projector, CD/DVD player, iPod, MP3, or PC. Use it as a studio monitor, install it in a trade show booth, or even place is in the Captain’s quarters on a US Navy warship to monitor activities in the intelligence room.

Product Features
  • Black AN-1000X+ Speaker Monitor with Dual Wireless Receiver, AC Powered Only
  • 107dB of Clear Sound
  • 50W Amplifier
  • 4.5″ Woofer and 10mm Dome Tweeter
  • Mount on a stand, to the wall, or place on a shelf
  • Inputs to connect a projector or other audio source
  • Wireless microphone sold separately