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AN-1000X+ Speaker Monitor


AN-1000X+ powered speaker monitor

SKU: AN-1000X+ Categories: ,
SKU: AN-1000X+ Categories: ,
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The AN-1000X+ is the most versatile powered monitor on the market. You can add it to an A/V rack setup, use it as a studio monitor, install it in a trade show booth, or place it in the Captain’s quarters on a US Navy warship to monitor activities in the intelligence room.

Product Features
  • Reach crowds of 400+
  • 103dB of clear sound
  • Bass & treble controls
  • 50 watt sound system w/ response from 65hz – 20khz
  • RCA & 1/4″ Line inputs
  • Mic/Line configurable XLR input
  • Magnetically shielded speaker
  • 110 Volt (Also available: 220 Volt CE-Compliant model)
  • Durable injection-molded case
  • 2-Way speaker system combines 4.5″ woofer & dome tweeter
  • Speaker output drives
  • Companion speaker optional (AN-1001X+)
  • 6 Year Warranty!

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Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 11 x 9 x 6 in